In order to help prolong the life of any gas burning appliance it is recommended they are serviced every 12 months.

Gas Safe and all manufacturers recommend this and with many you will invalidate any warranty if this is not done.

The focus of the service is on safety and efficiency so a strip down of the appliance and a general clean is the first step. Each part is then carefully checked and cleaned as appropriate. During this time any safety features are checked and it is concluded with an efficiency test.

After a service, all appliances will work more efficiently and fires in particular will look like new again.

If you are a landlord, selling your house or thinking of renting it, you will need an annual gas safety inspection. I will check all your gas pipework for leaks and check each gas appliance for safety. Then you will be issued with the appropriate forms.

For information on cost, click on the price link at the top of the page or call Will on 0121 706 1863 or 07970 517 867 for more information.

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